The CandidateCare Advantage

The CandidateCare Advantage

The Best EMS Employee Vetting Tools

CandidateCare delivers job-specific structured interviews and behavior-based assessment tools—making it easier to find, attract and retain the right employees.

Faster Hiring

CandidateCare places your entire hiring process in a seamless, online setting.

More Measurable Processes

Our solution provides process measurement and an integrated reporting dashboard.

Lower Administrative Costs

Turnover is expensive, but sound and efficient hiring practices save time, money and other resources.

Better Regulatory Compliance

In accordance with EEOC standards, CandidateCare documents who was/wasn’t selected for a given position and why.

Minimal Paperwork

All forms needed to onboard candidates are completely digitized in one location.

Custom Online Solutions

Recruiting top EMS talent has never been this easy. CandidateCare provides everything you need to recruit, select and hire your team, all in a convenient, easy-to-navigate, cloud-based online portal.

What Else Is Included?

At Avesta, we believe in forming a deep, personal understanding of each of our customers, their businesses and their individual needs. Our additional product features reflect this philosophy.

Experience CandidateCare in Action

The best way to understand what Avesta’s CandidateCare can do for your EMS organization is to see our software for yourself. Schedule an online product demo, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of CandidateCare.

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