More Than Software

More Than Software

At Avesta, our tailored services reach far beyond online portals.

CandidateCare customers also benefit from:

  • Predictive competency models for all major EMS job titles
  • A custom hiring and selection process
  • Accountability measures for recruiting staff
  • Creation of online recruiting strategies
  • Job-specific structured interviews
  • Validated behavior-based assessment tools developed by our in-house psychology team
  • High-impact consultation through the entire employee life cycle
  • Comprehensive training and support for hiring managers

Custom Online Solutions

Recruiting top EMS talent has never been this easy. CandidateCare provides everything you need to recruit, select and hire your team, all in a convenient, easy-to-navigate, cloud-based online portal.

Why CandidateCare?

CandidateCare applicant tracking software allows your EMS organization to overcome recruitment challenges for every job in your organization. You will find us especially helpful if you are focused on EMT and paramedic recruitment. We make it easy to quickly find and hire people who will positively impact your organizational culture and your bottom line.

Experience CandidateCare in Action

The best way to understand what Avesta’s CandidateCare can do for your EMS organization is to see our software for yourself. Schedule an online product demo, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of CandidateCare.

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Customers appreciate our simple tools. But they love our world-class support and impactful results.