About CandidateCare

Finding qualified candidates, completing the vetting process and ensuring a cultural fit for new hires are mission-critical responsibilities for your organization. High turnover rates can force frequent repetition of the EMT and paramedic recruitment process—putting a strain on your HR team.

CandidateCare applicant tracking software helps your EMS organization overcome these challenges by making it easy to quickly find and hire people who will positively impact your organizational culture and your bottom line. CandidateCare is intelligently designed to incorporate your existing hiring process into a seamless online experience for candidates and HR professionals.

Experience CandidateCare in Action

The best way to understand what Avesta’s CandidateCare can do for your EMS organization is to see our software for yourself. Schedule an online product demo, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of CandidateCare.

Custom Online Solutions

While hiring and retaining quality talent does not need to be an overly complicated practice, it does require an obligation to consistent process. We apply a holistic approach to recruiting, selecting and hiring your team in a seamless online environment.

The CandidateCare Advantage

When you choose CandidateCare, you choose to increase the quality of your organizational hires and the productivity of your HR team, while decreasing the amount of time and money spent on the hiring process.

More Than Software

At Avesta, we believe in forming a deep, personal understanding of each of our customers, their businesses and their individual needs. Our team works closely with yours to align your targeted talent stream with your business objectives and growth plans.

Additional Resources

Customers appreciate our simple tools. But they love our world-class support and impactful results.