EMS Recruitment & Selection Technology

EMS Recruitment & Selection Technology

Avesta provides hybrid Applicant Tracking, Recruitment and Selection Software for clients who seek to completely automate the hiring process. Our talent management software is intelligently designed to incorporate your existing hiring process into an online experience for candidates and HR professionals.

Avesta provides ambulance industry clients with everything required to locate, track, qualify and select talented candidates. We are the ambulance industry leader in applicant tracking, recruitment, selection and behavior-based assessments.


EMS Recruitment & Selection Technology


Why do EMS and medical transportation organizations choose Avesta’s Applicant Tracking Technology?
We offer HR talent management software that has been designed by EMS professionals to improve your overall recruitment process. Our system can dramatically reduce overall hiring costs.

How about client support?
Avesta provides a passionate Support Team to help your organization with both technical and process questions. Avesta assigns a Client Support Manager and an I-O Psychologist to every client. You work with real people, not voice mails and online help boxes.

Avesta is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our technology is simply an extension of our human capital experience and understanding of behavioral science. Our success comes from listening to our EMS and medical transportation clients.

Behavior-based EMS Workforce Development Tools

  • Identifying high performance individuals
  • Hire and retaining the very best employees
  • Better than “off-the-shelf” hiring assessments
  • Find job candidates with key validated behaviors
  • Online Recruitment Technology program with an Applicant Tracking System