Employee Engagement Surveys

EMS Employee Engagement Surveys

So what engages EMS employees?  Our industry specific organizational engagement surveys reveal that EMS employee engagement is largely about how your management team communicates and understands the cultural needs of the workforce. For example, our research shows that most EMS workers place high priority on simple connections and input from their supervisors and senior managers – meeting the more altruistic and basic human needs of feeling connected and being an important part in something bigger.

We measure what matters most to your organization, people and predictive performance. Our confidential organizational and employee engagement surveys, created and managed by our team of industrial organizational psychologists, provide you with internal workforce analysis and EMS industry comparatives.

Predict Organizational Success

Our surveys don’t just measure opinions. We analyze the correlation between the results and their predictive impact on organizational success. In addition, we provide your team with EMS industry benchmarking data, so you can see where you stand among your competition.

Years Of Industry Experience

Avesta has a long history of gathering employee data and turning it into improved business performance. In fact, we have more experience conducting EMS engagement surveys than any other company. Our team of EMS industry veterans and organizational psychologists are dedicated to making a difference for our clients and their employees.

Experience CandidateCare in Action

The best way to understand what Avesta’s CandidateCare can do for your EMS organization is to see our software for yourself. Schedule an online product demo, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of CandidateCare.

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